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Premium Leather Care Kit

Premium Leather Care Kit

The ultimate in protection. For all leather types. Protect your footwear before wearing them and keep the leather looking luxurious with Poppy Barley's three steps to care: Clean, Condition, Protect.

We recommend you spray new shoes with protector 3 times, 20 minutes apart before wearing them for the first time. Reapply every 8-10 wears.

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The Collonil Premium Leather Care Kit has everything you need—from deep conditioners and brushes to an easy, on-the-go shampoo sponge applicator to scrub away dirt as it happens. This kit offers the best in protection: innovative nano technology designed to penetrate the pores of the leather, shielding it from water and stains, while still allowing the material to breathe. Each treatment is efficient and effective, based on years of research, trials and tests (the company was founded in Germany in 1909). Your shoes will require routine care with this kit (typically, every 8 to 10 wears)—essential to prolonging the life of your shoes.

Waterstop Spray
(200 ml) Extremely durable protection against dirt and wetness. Optimal reliability of protection on all material surfaces—protection that works like a “spray-on membrane.”

Shampoo Direct:
(100ml) With a fresh scent, easy-to-use sponge applicator absorbs dirt quickly and cleans efficiently.

1909 Leather Créme de Luxe
(100 ml) Infused with natural waxes and oils, this conditioner protects and pampers both smooth, fibrous leathers and high gloss finishes, providing nourishment and intensively reviving colours.

1909 Fine Polishing Brush:
Natural goat's hair (the finest and softest of bristles) and creates smooth and gleaming surfaces.

Combi Brush
Specifically designed for suede and nubuck surfaces to thoroughly clean pronounced soiling and adhesions by roughening up the fibres.

Polishing Cloth:
Ideal for massaging in conditioners and protectors, as well as wiping away light dirt and polishing the leather so it shines.

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